Wednesday, 14 November 2012



I’m new to Blogspot and to blogging in general to be honest, but I'm very excited to start! I have many interests and passions in life and have decided to put them all together for everyone to have a look at. I’m no professional by any means but I love taking photographs and documenting my life. I’ve learnt to value memories over the years and hopefully this blog will give me the incentive to make them more permanent.

I guess my blog title has many different meanings, more than I have time to explain, but I suppose the most relevant two are I’m a stereotypical Pisces and often live in two very different worlds - reality and my imagination - I'm probably too much imagination not enough reality but anyway....
The second is I think that many people have two personalities, one for the real world and one for the internet. I hope to merge the two ^_^

Sooo, yeah - My names Angi and welcome to my world*

*worlds ;)


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