Sunday, 18 November 2012

Minnie Mouse Nails - Tutorial

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a good weekend :) I've missed the majority of my Saturday by falling asleep at 6:00am and not waking up until 5 in the afternoon! That's no sleep for me tonight.

To get this blog started I thought I'd do a little nail art tutorial. I'm not a professional at all but I really enjoy coming up with new ideas for my nails and creating cute designs. This is probably my favourite design and so I thought I'd share how I did it.

Here goes! :) 

 Ok so most tutorials say that you should always start with a base coat. I skipped this step because I pretty much never have unpainted nails and the remover I use is soooo good (I will be posting a review very shortly) that my nails don't generally stain. This being said you should probably coat your nails with a good base coat before applying colour - something like Essie's Rock Solid base coat will do.

The first thing I did was apply the base colours. On my index, middle and little finger I applied two coats of Rimmel's Lasting Finish nail varnish in 030 Double Decker Red. This is a really classic, bright red that looks really expensive and flattering when on, which is basically perfect for this design. It's also fairly inexpensive ^_^

 On my thumb I applied a thin layer of Essie's Ballet Slippers. I absolutely adore  this colour. It's such a pretty and feminine off-white and works well as a bit of a take on a clear-coat when applied thinly as I have here. I applied two coats of it to my ring finger to get a milky-white nail. I think it's more feminine than a bright white but you can opt for any white-shade you prefer.

For my black shade I used Maybelline's Express Finish in 809 Onyx Black, which I applied to my thumb after the under coat had dried. I created an arch at the tip of my nail by curving the brush round from one side of my nail to the other. It is up to you how thick you make the arch, I wanted it quite thick and so took it about the third of the way down on my nail. You can use a nail art pen to do this bit for more precision, I can't afford one at the moment (sad face) but thankfully Maybelline's signature flat brush made it pretty easy for me to do this step.

Next I made the Minnie Mouse symbol on my ring finger using my black shade. I used the brush to create the circles, one large and two small ones either side of it. Make sure you do it the right way up or you will end up with and upside-down Minnie from everyone elses point of view!  I have made this mistake before (which is probably a  bad reflection of my intelligence). Again, I would advise using a nail art pen for this part if you have one, but if you've got a fairly steady hand it is quite easy to do without one.

Over the red on my other fingers, I used Ballet Slippers to create polka dots, "blobbing" it around the nail. I think it looks a lot better if you vary the size of the dot and try to place them so that they nail looks balanced and even. ~warning~ this nail varnish is a little bit runny so don't put too much on the brush. And try to keep your hand still until it dries.

Now for the tricky bit. Using your chosen black shade make a thin line at the tip of each polka-dot nail. I'd go no further than a quarter of the way down, mine's about a fifth of the way down in this photo. Take your time with this as it needs to be quite precise for it to look good.

I would definitely advise getting a nail art pen for the next step as I found it rather hard to do with just a brush. Most good nail varnish brands have their own range such as modelsownpro (sold at Boots) and OPI  - I will get one at some point in life! For this though, I used the brush to create a basic red bow on my thumb. I made two triangles with a small dot in the middle. I think this tends to look nicer on an angle but if you're not that advanced at nail art stick with a simple horizontal bow.

Lastly do a miniature version on top of the Minnie Mouse symbol on your ring finger. I stuck with just two triangles, without the dot in the middle, so it was clear on such a small scale. Then apply your top coat (I used Essie's Good to Go) to seal the whole design and give it a gorgeous, glossy look.

And there we have it. Cute, homemade Minnie Mouse nails ^_^. You can repeat on your other hand or if you want to mix it up try it in reverse colours. I decided to do white polka dots on a black base with red tips, replaced the white base for red on my ring finger and did a white polka dot on red tip, with black bow for the thumb. Total time for this was 2 hours! (I was definitely ready for bed afterwards).

Hope you enjoyed this post, I better go make some dinner and actually do my Uni work (yayyy!  -_- ). See you all soon,


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