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Smilings My Favourite! :)

Hi everyone, hope you're all ok :)

I've been doing some thinking lately and I felt it might be nice to show you all a little bit more about me as a person. Whenever I read a blog I really like to get a feel of the author's personality and so I've decided to put together a list of some of my favourite things from the beginning of January as a sort of "getting to know me" post. I don't know just yet if I'm going to make one of these every week but I'd like to maybe do one, once a fortnight or something like that. So without further adoooo, here are my favourites...

Favourite Book

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I've kind of cheated with this category because I've not actually read this book yet! But the Shopaholic series is, without a doubt, my favourite book series of ALL time. I absolutely fell in love with the film when I was 14 and I have been obsessed ever since. I know the books are really different to the film but I love them both as separate pieces of work, if that makes any sense. This book has been out for almost 2 years but for so many reasons I've not got it until now. I'm so excited to read it and I just know it's going to be amazing - but I'm also kind of sad. I thought Shopaholic & Baby would be the last book and so I was sooooo excited when this came out but this means it really is all over :( Where else can she go with this? Nowhere. There's never going to be another Shopaholic book and well, that just breaks my heart.

Favourite Song

Don't Save Me - Haim
I stumbled across this song just this week and I can't stop playing it. It completely reeks of the 80's and I just love it!

Favourite Film

Life of Pi

Me and my best friend decided to go see this on Thursday night when we were feeling a bit random and I was soooooo impressed! The trailer alone blew me away and I knew I wanted to go see it at some point but a lot of people I know who saw it really didn't like it, so I was worried I was going to be majorly disappointed. I can honestly say the total opposite. It was such a good film, really thought provoking and being the Pisces that I am I loved all the water and glowing jellyfish! Although I did spend the whole film thinking "wow he must be cold" - probably not the reaction the director was hoping for haha.

I love the fact he's Indian too! All my life I've been in denial that I'm Indian, my Mam used to say that I'm too English for my own good but lately I've come to terms with it. If anything I'm fully embracing it, I even watched Bend It Like Beckham the other day. I think this film helped me with accepting my Indianess. It taught me that it's ok to be Indian. That maybe, everyone is at some point. To see him, so bravely showing the world he is Indian inspired me. Now I know I can be whoever I want to be. If I just believe. Ahem. Moving on...

Favourite Beauty Product

Collection 2000 - Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer

This has been a life saver lately. I have quite a weird sleeping pattern thanks to insomnia (I actually had a four year old girl at church tell me "you're not allowed a chocolate biscuit because you didn't go to bed last night". I was gutted), but this always makes me look like I've had a good 8 hours sleep. I got it in the shade Medium 3 which is still quite pale for my skin (there's a very limited colour range) so I usually mix it with MUA's BB All In One Beauty Balm* to get a more natural colour. Definitely worth picking up if you're prone to dark circles.

*shade Medium Rose

Favourite Nails

Little Mix-esque Nails


 I picked up a few nail polishes this week and I swear I could've bought the whole shop but I was a good. I only picked out three shades: Essie's Mezmerised (accidental buy, I thought it was Butler Please until I got home!) Barry M's Pink Flamingo and No7's Damson Dream*. I applied Mezmerised on my nails but after two days I was bored of it and just sat staring at the other colours I bought like "I should've put one of them on!". My friend was over and I told him what I wanted to do on my nails but he's more precise than me so...he did it for me :$ I'm supposed to be a girl and a designer yet the straightest boy I've ever met did my nails for me, better than me. Oh the shame...

*I layered Jellyfish by MUA over the top of Damson Dream on my accent nail for extra sparkle.


Favourite Accessory

My Ellise Vintage Ring

I've seen my favourite blogger where this in so many of her videos and I finally decided to get it myself this week. I was foaming at the mouth when I saw how adorable the packaging was. Everything about it is just so pretty! I don't think I'll take it off...ever!


Thomas Sabo Charm Club Amethyst Bracelet

One thing you need to know about me is my love for amethysts. I'm gutted because if I was born just one week earlier my birth stone would be an amethyst! Sad face. I love the Thomas Sabo bracelets and I originally wanted the turquoise one but this is just beautiful. I've already picked out all my charms and have even started dropping hints to one of my friends that I want this for my birthday ;)



This is so cheesy but the highlight of my week has definitely been investing time into my friendships and other relationships. I don't want to go into too much detail, but I'd kind off closed myself of from people for quite a while but 2013 has already changed all of that. Lots of people who I was close to, from different stages of my life have re-appeared and I've spent more time with people who never actually left. I really hope this is something that continues throughout my 2013 because I'm really starting to realize how important it is to have good people in my life. Ok I'm done- you can stop cringing now haha. 

Cheesy Quote

Thank you all for reading and I hope you've all learnt a little bit more about me. Feel free to get in touch, with blog post ideas or even some of your favourites from this week. You can also find me on Instagram at twodifferentworlds. Have an excellent week and see you all soon!



  1. Love collection lasting perfection concealer! x

    1. Me too, it's so cheap as well. perfect really! :) x

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