Monday, 25 February 2013

Too good to be true?

Hi everyone,

I'm a bit swamped with Uni work at the moment but I didn't want to completely neglect my blog soooo I thought we should have a quickie to keep us both going (ooer...). Yesterday I was window shopping with my best friend Bethany and she asked if we could go into TJ Hughes. Let's just say I wasn't enthusiastic about it but I eventually gave in. All I can say is, Bethany I owe you a HUGE apology because what I discovered was simply unmissable.

You don't have to be a fortune teller to predict that I ended up in the cosmetics section straight away. And guess what I found?

Yes, really!
Left to Right: Orange It's So Obvious! Butler Please, Bikini So Teeny & Minty Candy Apple
I couldn't believe my eyes. Two seconds later my hands were full of polishes. I got Bikini So Teeny, Orange It's Obvious, Mint Candy Apple and Butler Please - all for just £7.96 - that's less than one bottle at Boots. Four polishes for the price of one? Am I missing something here or is this actually real?

Love this colour!

I also took the time to pick up a few things that I've not seen in normal Drugstores and ended purchasing Calvin Klein Bronzer in Sun Drenched and Astor Soft Matte Lipstick in Pop Fizz. I've not actually heard of Astor before but I love this lipstick so far! I got both of these for under £8 too.

And again...
I'm probably way behind you all here, and I can almost hear you all shouting...duhhh where have you been for the past 1000 years Angi? But hey, if you're not sat there thinking that, this is pretty good news huh? So beauty lovers, if you love Essie and other cosmetics as much as I do, get on this straight away! I have to get back to the fun that is coursework now so have a great day and I'll see you all soon xx


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