Saturday, 21 September 2013

Lime Crime: I'm Guilty

Hi guys,
So after my post last week I've been trying to figure out why I'm such a shopaholic. What is it about the shopping experience that makes me so...addicted? It's definitely not the massive dent in my bank balance, that's for sure. And most of my shopping I do online, so it can't be that whole buzz you get when you walk into a store - so what is it?

Well, just as I was thinking this Lime Crime gave me my answer. I'd just received a parcel from them and my heart fluttered as I tore it open; it looked so beautiful and in that moment I knew - this is what I love about shopping. For me, it's just not enough to receive a bog standard, cardboard box. I want need pretty boxes, fancy writing, shiny paper, ribbons, glitter - I need the whole experience of opening a parcel. And yes I know that all these things are just gimmicks to make you buy something but if it's a crime to enjoy that then, I'm guilty! 

Gimmicks aren't the only reason I buy things but they're definitely a huge part of it, as I'm quickly realizing. I'd been lusting after the Suedeberry Velvetines for a long time but I just couldn't justify spending so much money on lipstick. All that changed as soon as Doe Deere mentioned the words "free collective button with all orders". sigh - I can almost hear Britney singing 'Oops I Did It Again'.

What do you guys love about shopping? I'll be patiently awaiting your comments as I sit on the naughty step. Bye for now! 


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