Thursday, 26 September 2013

Little Mix by Collection

When I heard that Little Mix were going to be launching their own beauty range the fan girl in me did a little dance. Make up and my favourite band combined? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! 

Their range launched on 24th September but because I live in a small town I had to wait an extra two days to get my hands on it - AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! This morning the wait was finally over and now I am one step closer to being the fifth member of Little Mix.

There was lots to choose from and everything is under £4, so I picked up one thing from each members little collection and an extra item from Jade's because she's my fave  ♥. 

Jade and Leigh-Anne's Glitter Liner

The first thing I picked up was Jade's glitter liner. I love glitter and turquoise so this is perfect for me. I also picked up Leigh-Anne's version which is a muted, sparkly gold because I thought it'd be great for the festive months (thinking ahead there). 

Both of the liners have brilliant colour pay off and you can build up the intensity by applying more coats. Jade's is the better one in my opinion but I think they are both super pretty. The only bad thing is, the wand on the applicator is a bit too long so it makes it awkward to apply the product. 

I had a little play with the liners and came up with a look I really like. I put the gold one above some matte black liner and then popped the turquoise one a long my bottom lash line. 

Jade's and Jesy's Eyeshadow

Next I got two of the Dazzle Me eyeshadow's. I wanted all of them to be honest, but I went for Jade's and Jesy's. Jade's is absolutely gorgeous - it's a deep, glittery forest green and it's quite similar to Loaded by Urban Decay. Jesy's is a yellow, metallic gold and I thought these two would work well together and again, be perfect for Christmas time. 

The shadows are a loose pigment and so I found them really difficult to work with. You have to be really careful because the glitter goes everywhere and as you can see, I struggled to get true colour pay off. I really love the colours of these two shadows so I think I'll just have to persevere with them. 
Perrie's lipstick

Perrie's Lipstick is probably my favourite thing from the range. It's such a beautiful berry, purple shade with a really nice formula. I've been looking for something like this for ages and would probably liken it to Berry Haute from Revlon. I reckon I'll be wearing this a lot throughout Autumn.

Speaking of Little Mix and Autumn...I have some exciting news. The girls have decided to do a gig in my hometown this October and guess who's got a ticket? ME! I sat outside the town hall for over 4 hours to make sure I got one and I was first in line. I'm sooo excited to finally get to see them live and I'll definitely be taking some snaps to share with all of you.

Are you guys Mixers? Have you tried their beauty range yet? Let me know and I'll speak to you all soon, bye!



  1. I'm a huge mixer! i cannot express enough my love for the girls, the look and sound fantastic! cant wait to see your pics from the gig :) so jel! x

    1. Oh my days Sophie they cancelled like a day before the gig. I was sooooooo devastated. I actually cried lol.
      They still performed on X Factor the same week so I was even more upset that they didn't perform where I live :( x


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