Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Presents for Family

A couple of posts ago I shared what I'd like to receive for Christmas so to balance things out I'd thought I'd show you what I've bought for other people. I haven't had a huge budget this year so I've had to be quite wise with my Christmas shopping. I think I've done a good job overall so let's see...

The Women

I think my sister was the easiest person to buy for this year. She's not hugely into beauty the way I am but she still likes a little pampering. I decided to get her THIS Ted Baker nail varnish set and THIS bath foam as I thought they looked really luxurious but were still fairly cheap. The nail varnishes come in a little tin which is cute. I also got her THIS Sleek eye shadow palette. The shades are really natural and can be used for everyday. She has a baby now so I thought this would be good for her to feel a bit more pulled together without having to do a whole make up routine. Finally I got her THIS compact mirror by Fearne Cotton. The purple flower and polka dots are right up her street plus the mirror comes with a little pouch so it's great for her to pop in her handbag. Boots actually sent two of these to me by mistake so I got to keep one for myself!

My Nana is literally impossible to buy for. Everything she needs, she already has and she lives quite simply. I eventually decided to get her THIS cute Boofle mug because she drinks a lot of tea and she loves dogs. I love the message on the side because I really believe she is the loveliest Nana ever!

The Men

So the first man I bought for this year was my big brother. He has a thing for trainers (I got him a pair of PUMA's for his birthday last year) so I thought I'd add to his collection. I got these Vans from ebay. When Schuh put shoes on display they can't sell them afterwards so they put them on ebay. Often this means they start auctions for the shoes at 99p because technically the shoes have defects even though there might be nothing wrong with them. I've managed to get a good few pairs of shoes for a fraction of the retail price by doing this! I got these particular pair for £15.50. Bargain!

I didn't really know what to get for my sister's boyfriend but she told me Brut was his favourite brand for aftershave and stuff so I got him a couple of things. I got THIS aftershave and THIS splash-on lotion.   

The Baby

The final person I bought presents for was my baby nephew. This year will be his first Christmas so I wanted to make it special but not be too extravagant as he won't really know what's going on. I got him THIS teddy bear from BHS. It's absolutely adorable and I'm a firm believer that every child needs a teddy bear. I also got him THIS book. My family are Christians and so I wanted to give him something Christian-orientated. I love the fact it's called The First Christmas and it's his first Christmas hehe.

The Gift Wrap

I got all my gift wrap from Card Factory. They have lots of cute designs and they're quite inexpensive so it was perfect really. (I got three rolls of paper and 40 gift tags for £2!). I wrapped all the women's things in cream, the boy's in blue and my nephew's in red.

That's all I got this year :) I honestly hope you all have an amazing day tomorrow not matter what you're doing. 

Merry Christmas Everyone! xxx



  1. D'aww, too cute with the bear!
    Can't go wrong with Sleek products though! UGH, THAT TED BAKER POLISH TIN IS GORGEOUS. I'd buy the set just for the tin LOL
    Happy Holidays! c:
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. I have to admit that bear is a cutie! I actually wanted to buy another ted baker polish set so I could have the tin haha.
      Merry Christmas Vanessa! xx


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