Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Mixed Girl Tag

I've seen The Mixed Girl Tag floating around Youtube for a few months now and I really wanted to give it ago myself. I haven't plucked up the courage to start my Youtube channel yet so I thought I'd do this on my blog instead.

What mix are you? 
I'm Indian, Egyptian and English. My dad is fully Egyptian and my Mam is Anglo Indian. 

My Grandad (Dadu) and Nana on their wedding day
He is Indian and she is English

What ethnicity have you been mistaken for?
I always get mistaken for Pakistani, particularly when I was at school. Other people tend to think I'm just Indian, or just White - not many people tend to guess the Egyptian part. 

Is you're hair curly or straight? 
FRIZZY! My hair so frizzy it's unbelievable. I used to have really curly hair when I was little, it still is curly to an extent.

Me aged 2 with my outrageous curls

Was coming from different backgrounds challenging? 
No but having coloured skin was quite challenging when I was little, I lived in areas where there was a lot of racism. Now I'm older it's not so much of an issue. 

What ethnicity do you embrace the most?

English. When I was younger and I lived with my parents I embraced all three as both my parents were quite into their heritage. I'd go to the local Mela with my Mam every year and I was also really interested in Ancient Egypt. But now I just embrace the English because that's where I've grown up. 

Have you ever been made fun of for being different? 
As mentioned in question four I used to get racial abuse when I was younger.  I was often called a "Paki". The main thing that bothered me about that is that they got my race wrong haha.

I actually get teased by my friend and family because I'm pale considering my ethnicity. I used to get called the "white one" of the family but it was all harmless fun.

Have you ever been ashamed of being multiracial? 
No. why be ashamed? Whenever people ask me what ethnicity I am and I tell them they always say how unusual it is and I like that so yeah :)

Do you believe being multi-racial has it's benefits?

I guess so. It's a good conversation starter but it can be a bit rubbish when I'm trying to find Youtubers who do tutorials for my type of colouring. I have a hard time colour matching myself for certain products.

Advice to anyone who struggles with multiracial identity?
There’s nothing wrong with belonging to more than one culture and you can embrace all of them, one of them or none of them - its up to you. I personally think being multi racial is a beautiful thing because it's a testament of how much of a miracle you are. Years before you were even born your family were all over the world and through many different situations they all came together which resulted in your existence. It's mind blowing and it's something to really be proud of. You should never struggle with the things about yourself that you can't change. Instead, focus on things that make a difference in the long run like being a kind and respectful person. 

If you're being bullied for your ethnicity then definitely speak up about it. Don't accept being made to feel inferior or like a freak because of your race. A lot of amazing and courageous people have fought to create a society where that isn't acceptable and unfortunately there's still a long way to go in my opinion. But yeah speak up and stand your ground.

So that's all the questions. I tag all you mixed girls out there! Be proud x



  1. (I don't know why but I thought the photo of your grandparents was a stock photo BECAUSE THEY'RE SO CUTE AND PICTURESQUE TOGETHER OK)
    Being of multiracial descent is fun because it really does open up different perspectives, imo. It's blending cultures/traditions, and that's pretty cool :D

    1. Yeah being multi-racial is awesome! Are you multi-racial? :) x

    2. Hah, not to the point where's it noticeable. (But I'm Viet-Chinese, heh)

    3. Ooh that's cool! Tbh I don't really think you can tell I'm mixed either lol :p x

  2. aww thats a cute baby pic :) i think being multi racial has quite a big advantage, mainly because you have a unique look :D

    1. Aw thanks haha! I agree with you. Girls like beautycrush etc look so exotic and unique. x
      What ethnicity are you?


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