Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blush Collection

When I first started my blog I did a review for Nars Liberte. At that point I'd only ever tried one other blush, believe it or not, but over the past year or so my little collection has grown. I honestly love every blush I have, so I thought I'd share them on my blog.

Benefit Bella Bamba //
This was the first blush I ever purchased and my first ever Benefit product! The lady at the counter put it on me and I got so many compliments that day, that I went back and bought it. It's a warm pinky shade with little flecks of gold glitter. I think it looks really natural on tanned skin tones.

MAC Gingerly //
A little bit tanned for a blush and is sort of like a blush and bronzer combined.

Sleek Pumpkin Pie, Squash and Lantern //
These are the three blushes in the Sleek Pumpkin palette. Pumpkin Pie is a bright orange, Squash a bright pink and Lantern is a Scarlett sort of shade. I sometimes use these as eye shadows because they are so pigmented!

Nars Orgasm//
Every beauty blogger and their dog has this in their collection. It's quite similar to Bella Bamba but the pink is a bit lighter and it has more of a gold shimmer to it, rather than flecks of glitter. I do like it but I have to say it definitely isn't my favourite blush.

Rimmel Santa Rose //
This is the blush my sister always uses and it really suits her. She has a darker complexion than me yet I think  it works brilliantly on both of our skin tones.

Nars Liberte //
And here she is...if you'd like to cringe at my review of this you can check it out HERE.

Sleek Life's a Peach //
My most recent blush purchase and possibly my favourite? As the name probably suggests, this is a lovely peachy shade. I used it in THIS make up look

Swatches //
From left to right: Bella Bamba, Gingerly, Pumpkin Pie, Squash, Lantern, Orgasm, Santa Rose, Liberte, Life's a Peach

Ciao x



  1. Looks lovely! Really interested in trying sleek blushes but already have so many blushes >. < bella Bamba looks so nice on you that I'm going to look for mine now :)

    1. If you're gunna try Sleek blushes I'd definitely recommend Life's a Peach over the other ones - they are almost TOO pigmented lol. I wanna try Suede from them :) x

    2. Ooh peachy blushes are my weakness when it comes to blushes xD I really want to try the 3-pan blushes but am afraid of the pigmentation because I'm heavy handed sometimes...Suede looks like a nice, everyday kind of color :D

    My friend picked up that same Sleek palette and not gonna lie, I thought it would be terrifying to wear, but it's actually pretty wearable on you! I swear NARS blushes always looks weird when swatched on the hand, but on the face is beautiful. E.g. Liberte. Gonna have to check that one out in-store next time! AND GINGERLY.

    1. Lol not gunna lie, I thought of u when I did this post. I'm glad u think the Sleek palette looks wearable cos I thought it looked pretty scary in these photos haha! U should definitely check out Gingerly - it's gorgeous x

  3. graet combintaion color :D


  4. Gorgeous! I have to admit I haven't been very adventurous with blushes in the past, but now I know which ones I should try! I've also nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, the deets are on my blog

  5. I love Mac! These colours are gorgeous, you have a lovely blog :) x

    1. I love MAC too! I wish they had a store where I live tbh.
      Thank you! xx


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