Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ask: Tolly Dolly Posh

I thought we could do with a bit of a change here at Two Different Worlds, and so I've started a new series. Ask will be an ongoing blog feature where I basically interview other bloggers and get to know more about them. In today's Ask I caught up with 14 year old fashion blogger, Tolly: 

Hi Tolly! Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm a 14 year old fashion blogger! I started my blog when I was just 11, and my goal is to become a fashion designer. 

Your style is pretty unique! Where do you get your style inspiration from?
I don't really go anywhere... I just roll with it. I wear what I feel like wearing! If I had to pick somewhere though, I'm loving Susie Bubble's style currently!

Do you think you will still have a wacky fashion sense when you're in your  20’s?
I hope so! I wouldn't want to think I would change my style. Why should I?!

What’s the most unusual piece of clothing you own?
That's a hard question. I don't know whether I have single outrageous items, I have more outrageous outfits, but I do have a petticoat tutu in a gorgeous pastel blue which I would say is quite OTT!

You design a lot of outfits; could you talk us through your design process?
 First of all I find some inspiration and something to base it on, then I do some rough sketches. From that I do a final drawing of all the outfits and go into Photoshop and Illustrator to neaten them up and add in the colour, patterns and shading.

If you could collaborate with any clothing brand who would you choose?
I would love to work with ASOS. I am obsessed with that site and I just cannot find anywhere else which is as good. I love the feel of their brand too, it's right up my street!

You've just done your first product collaboration. What was that experience like?
It was really fun! It's nice to be able to have your ideas made into a reality! 2 other bloggers were also working on the collab, and it was nice to have a bit of 'friendly competition' with them too!

You've achieved a lot in your blogging career. What are your tips for achieving goals?
Keep at it, be motivated and post what you really love. That's all I have to say because you have to make what you want to make of it!

All original images belong to Tolly
Where do you hope to be this time in 10 years?
I'd like to be in my design studio planning my next collection, and opening another shop... maybe?

Where can we find you? 

I actually really enjoyed doing this sort of blog post. Thank you for taking part in the interview, Tolly!

Ciao x


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