Saturday, 7 June 2014

Lipstick Collection - Pinks & Purples

So, I'm back with another lipstick collection post! Today I thought I'd show you my pink and purple shades. Let's take a look...

 Astor Pop Fizz// 
Ok so I couldn't really decide if this is a pink or a red, I'd say it's probably in the middle. I got this from TJ Hughes and hadn't really heard of the brand before, but it's a really good lippie.
MAC All Fired Up//
This is part of MAC's retro matte collection. You guys know I'm not really a fan of the retro matte formula - it's just so drying! I'd describe the colour as an "Indian pink" i.e very rich, warm and red toned. It's a shame the formula doesn't work for me, because I love the colour.
Rimmel Kate Lipstick Shade 20//
Gosh I love this lipstick! It's a proper Barbie pink and whenever I wear it I get lots of "whoa, that's bright!" comments but I don't care haha. Rimmel's Kate lipsticks have such a great formula. They're so soft and always have a gorgeous sheen to them. 
MAC Heavenly Hybrid//
I really have to stop blogging about this lipstick lol! I've already done a review on it, and featured it in a monthly favourites. As a summary: it's purple, it's a mineralize finish and it's part of the A Fantasy of Flowers range.
Collection Little Mix Lipstick Perrie//
This is more of an Autumnal purple as it's fairly berry toned. It's like a more opaque version of Heavenly Hybrid. 
Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn//
Airborne Unicorn is more of a lilacy purple. Again, I love the formula of this lipstick. Have you noticed how Lime Crime lippies smell like chocolate? Mmm. 
OCC Hoochie Lip Tar//
This lip tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is a true, bright violet. It's showing up more blue in this photo than it actually is so sorry about that. Although I love the colour of this, I'm just not crazy about the product. It applies wet like paint. I thought it'd dry but after waiting about half an hour it was still wet! Not convenient at all.
From left to right: Pop Fizz, All Fired Up, Kate 20, Heavenly Hybrid, Little Mix Perrie, Airborne Unicorn, Hoochie

Ciao x



  1. Great lipstick collection you have here! Mac's All Fired Up looks beautiful! May be the next Mac lipstick I grab!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

    1. It's definitely a gorgeous colour! Hopefully you can make the retro matte formula work - do you find it drying too? x

  2. You have some amazing shades!!

    1. Making this post made me realize I need to wear them a lot more lol! I forgot how gorgeous some of the shades are x

  3. I love this post, so cute and girly! x

  4. Cool swatches!


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