Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pixiwoo Course: Day 2

Nic kicked off today's session with a bridal make up demo. She talked us through all aspects of bridal make up including different products and brushes to use. We were given a hand out with an Essential Kit List on it, which will definitely be useful for future reference. Nic also explained the business side of things, giving us advice on how to deal with clients, what kind of fees to charge and  different ways of getting into the industry. All of the information she gave us was super helpful and she was more than happy to answer any questions we asked her. Towards the end of the demo, we were also shown how to apply individual lashes - something I'd never tried before but really enjoyed doing! As I mentioned yesterday, bridal make up is the area I'm really interested in so I quickly went into good student mode, recording the demo and taking lots of notes.

Nic created a really soft look on Stacey, using purpley tones from MAC's Cool Neutral palette (if I remember correctly).

After the demo we split off into pairs to start creating our own looks. We all changed partners today and I was paired up with Holly from Norwich. I was keen to work with products, shades and techniques that I don't normally use, so that I can learn. I went for a plum toned palette on the eyes. To be honest, I did find it a bit challenging as I couldn't find the shades I wanted until after I had already finished - typical lol! Overall though I am fairly happy with the look. My partner had amazing skin which really helped. I'm definitely going to be practicing this sort of make up so I can improve. I need to work on my blending skills a bit more, so Stacey has offered to talk me through different eye brushes and blending techniques tomorrow. Sam, Nic and Stacey are honestly so friendly and helpful.

Tomorrow's theme is Drag Make Up which will be really fun! It'll definitely give me a chance to be more creative and experimental. I'm going to spend tonight researching different looks to give me some ideas.

Ciao x



  1. Looks like you're having a good time on the course, as well as it being educational! I really want to go on one but I'm still in school, perhaps when I older I could. X

    Found your blog from the #bbloggers chat and followed on Bloglovin!

    1. It was amazing! They usually have dates throughout the summer and I think the youngest they accept is 16 so you might be able to go on one soon :)

      Thanks for the follow lovely! xx


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