Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pixiwoo Course: Day 3

D Day. Aka - drag day. We started with another demo, this time lead by Sam. She showed us how to blank out eyebrows and create new ones, how to contour and the typical features of drag make up. We then moved onto our own designs and I was paired with Olga from Milan. The look she created on me was fabulous and you can tell she has been doing make up for a long time.

When it came to my go, things took a bit of a U-turn. I'd looked at so many different photos of drag, had so many images in my head, all these products to work with and lots of things to remember and it all just blurted out into one big mess.
My failed attempt (I gave up half way through lol)

I wasn't sure whether to even write about day 3 because in my head it was a failure but looking back, I now see it as a learning curve. I did learn a lot from Day 3 and I was just having one of those "nothing is going to go right today" sort of days. Drag isn't really something I want to go into as a career but I'm the type of person that likes to give everything my best shot and that was why I got upset and frustated when this task didn't go to plan. Sam, Nic and Stacey gave me a pep talk which, after a good nights sleep, made me a bit more determined and relaxed.

I went into Day 4 with a much better frame of mind and ended up creating my favourite look of the entire week. 

Ciao x


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