Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New In: Marge for MAC

Most people got excited when Lorde and Rhianna launched their MAC collections, but for me it was all about Mrs S. I'm a huge fan of The Simpson's and have been eagerly awaiting their collab with MAC for months. I even set an alarm on my phone so I wouldn't miss out but alas, the odds were not in my favour.

My intention was to stalk the MAC website at midnight and then order everything from the collection but my internet cut out! I was genuinely close to having a full blown tantrum and was sure that everything would be sold out before I could get to the library and use their WiFi. When I actually got to the library, luckily there were a few bits of the collection left and so I ordered the Pink Sprinkles blush and one of the eyeshadow quads.

The main thing I wanted was the blush so I was relieved when I saw that it had been dispatched. Delivery day came and I tore the package open I was so excited, but my blush wasn't in there! I phoned MAC and they told me that it had been sold out and so they couldn't dispatch it to me after all. I was and still am so gutted but anyway...

Ramble over, this is the eyeshadow quad and only product I managed to get from the collection *cries*.  Is it anything special? Not really. Was it worth the fuss? Probably not. But I feel like it is now my badge of honour for surviving the horrible world of limited edition products. Make up shopping is not for the faint hearted, people!

Ciao x



  1. UHM, your photos are gorgeous????? THAT'S LIKE A BIG IMPROVEMENT.
    Anyways, I love the idea for this collection and I originally wanted one of the blushes, but I'm far too lazy (and thrifty) to order the coral blush online. It's a serious collector's item though, and I love the embossing on the blush

    1. Aww thanks so much Vanessa! And why am I not surprised that you wanted one of the blushes aha ;) crazy blush lady xx


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