Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Community Fusion Photoshoot

So, exciting news - I recently worked on my first ever photo shoot! It was the first time I had the chance to do make up on other people since the Pixiwoo course and it felt great to get back into it. I worked alongside the super talented photographer Krasimira Butseva (Kim) to create promotional fashion images for Made With Hartt.

Made With Hartt is a quirky little shop that sells items from around the community that have been handmade, upcycled and recycled. Everything that is sold in the shop raises money for Community Fusion, a local charity aiming to inspire and encourage young adults to make positive life changes through community volunteer projects.

It was an interesting experience combining three creative visions, to come up with one photoshoot that represented us all the way we wanted. It was a great challenge for me as a lot of plans changed last minute, such as the amount of time I had to work on the models and even the theme for the shoot! In the end I went for casual, laid back looks using a lot of earthy colours. I felt this worked well with the natural background and would also make sure that the colourful, outrageous outfits took centre stage in the photos. I'm really happy with how the photos turned out and can't thank Kim and CF enough for giving me this opportunity!

Hopefully I will be working on more artistic shoots with Kim in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Photography & Retouch - Krasimira Butseva
Make Up - Anjalee Burrows
Styling - Community Fusion (Jenna Boyson)
Models - Maria Ursic, Robart Nikolchev, Trayana Toteva,
Violet Karapaseva, Ralitsa Bogdanova 

Ciao x

                                                                        - A x 


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  1. Great set, love your work! Keep it up and before you know it your passion will help you find some balance in the bank account ;)


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