Monday, 22 December 2014

Easy Penguin Nail Tutorial

I've been nail obsessed lately and wanted to create a really simple design for Christmas. I came up with this penguin idea and thought he was too cute not to share! Here's how to bring your Christmas penguin to life...

Step 1: First, prep your nails. Remove any old polish, buff your nails and apply a good base coat.
Step 2: Paint your nails white. Any white nail polish will do - just make sure to get it as neat and as opaque as you can.
Step 3: Use a black nail art pen to draw a curve across 1/3 of your nail. I used THIS pack of pens and would definitely recommend them. Take your time with this step as it takes a steady hand to get perfect. 
Step 4: Fill in the curve with black nail polish. The Primark nail art pens double up as a normal nail polish so they really are perfect for this look.
Step 5: Make two white dots on each nail for eyes, with a white nail art pen. If you don't have one use a dotting tool and any white nail polish you have.
Step 6: Use a pink nail art pen to draw a diagonal triangle for a beak. I found this bit quite hard so again, just take your time and don't worry if it's not perfect.
Step 7: Using a gold nail art pen (or dotting tool w/ nail polish) make two small dots at the bottom, for feet.
Step 8: Add your penguin's pupils with your black nail art pen.
Step 9: Finally, apply a top coat to bind everything together and you're done! 
Ta-dah! Isn't he adorable?

If you have any cute Christmas nail designs feel free to share!
Ciao x

                                                                        - A x 



  1. Aww these are so cute :) Lovely idea!
    Alex //

  2. This is a super cute design! Thanks for the step by step tutorial :)

    Velvet Blush


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