Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dupe | MAC 'All Fired Up'

All Fired Up by MAC recently made it into my January favourites and I would argue that every girl needs it in their collect. At £15.50 a pop I understand that it's not in everyone's budget but fear not -  I have found a pretty awesome dupe!

Bourjois's Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in 02 Frambourjois is almost the exact same shade as All Fired Up, however it is slightly more red toned.

Left: Frambourjois, Right: All Fired Up
Frambourjois has a liquid-to-matte finish and I find that you have to apply more of this product to get solid colour and it doesn't last as long as All Fired Up. That being said, it's still pretty darn impressive for the price. 

All Fired Up is harder to apply with it being fully matte, but as you would imagine the colour pay off and longevity is incredible. 
'Frambourjois' Freshly Applied
'All Fired Up' Freshly Applied 
'Frambourjois' Dry
'All Fired Up' Dry
As Frambourjois applies as a liquid, it has slightly more sheen to it than AFU but both look practically identical when dry. Overall I'd say Frambourjois and All Fired Up have a 95% similarity so it's a seriously good dupe and at £8.99 it's definitely worth picking up!

Ciao x

                                                                        - A x 



  1. Ooh, I actually have Frambourjois so this is a good discovery for me haha! They're both such a gorgeous shade :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. They are very similar indeed! Both are gorgeous shades!

    1. I was pretty pleased to discover this I must say haha!

      - A x

  3. they look really similar, both seem great!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. They really are! Would definitely recommend.

      - A x

  4. I am such a lipstick addict so cheaper alternatives are always a great thing! This looks like a really rich colour too. Thanks for the great blog post Angi x


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