Friday, 14 August 2015

House Sharing Problems

So, you've just got your A level results and you got the grades you wanted - amazing! In a few short weeks you'll be off to uni which most likely means one sharing. House sharing is an amazing way to make new friends and can come with lots of fun experiences but let me tell you, it isn't always a bed of roses.

Over 5 years I've lived in every kind of house share imaginable and believe me I've experienced the good, the bad and the ugly in that time. Here are just a few of the #housesharingproblems I've faced...

The awkward first night when you're trying to get to know each other

When you've only known your housemate 10 minutes and she's already mentioned her boyfriend 25 times

When everyone has already picked their kitchen cupboard and you're left with the crappy cupboard under the sink

When it's 3am and your housemates are running up and down the corridors, drunk and screaming

And the kitchen is trashed the morning after

Trying to figure out who stole your cutlery

and your milk...

When someone turns the oven off whilst you're still using it

When you're stood minding your own business in the kitchen and two of your housemates start having a full on argument

When someone leaves food in the fridge for 3 weeks and it goes mouldy

Or your OCD housemate rants about the "mess" when you're in the middle of cooking 

When you're desperate for a wee but your housemate is taking the longest shower ever

And when you get in there, there's actual skid marks up the wall (Yes, really) 

When you think you have the house to yourself but your housemates get home early

And you have to pretend to be interested in their small talk

When you've just got to sleep and your housemate starts blasting Dubstep

and worst of all, hearing your housemates have sex....

What are some of your house sharing problems?

- A x


  1. I might be experiencing dorm life in a year... Sigh. I'm worried. Very worried. I didn't even know people chose cupboards!
    Funny post though! xoxo

    1. Haha oh don't worry! As I said house sharing can be loads of fun but yes the skid mark thing has happened :')
      All I say is if you're sharing a bathroom is invest in some shower shoes haha!

      - A x

  2. Oh my God, all of these! I wanted to add another one, when you end up with one absolute crazy who can't handle their drink and goes nuts one night. That's wasn't great but yeah it happens.


    1. Oh goodness! My housemate's girlfriend last year was a total psycho and definitely couldn't handle her drink. Security had to come get her from our flat on a few occasions after 3am. Total nightmare lol.

      - A x


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