Thursday, 17 September 2015

Blog Business Cards & MOO Review

Did you know that all the coolest bloggers have swanky business cards? Well, not really but they are handy to have for events and are great way to brand your blog.

As a former graphic designer I wanted to make a big statement with my business cards. My idea was to have gold foil lettering and gold foil edges but I couldn’t find anywhere that would print them for less than £400! (I mean I love my blog but I don’t love it THAT much). So my golden dreams were foiled (geddit?) but there was no way I was settling for bog standard cards – no way!

After designing the front & back myself, I opted to have them printed on MOO’s luxe cards. They are thick, high quality cards with a matte finish. For the design I wanted something quite mature as this is something I’ll be handing out to businesses – but you know I love my girly colours so I opted to have a shot of pink through the middle of the card. I felt it was a good in between.

It cost me £28.79 for 50 luxe cards, pricey I know but I wanted good quality cards (for a full price guide see HERE). I paid for 2 day delivery and the cards arrived bang on time. They were packaged in a sturdy white box, sealed with a ribbon and a wax seal. It all felt very luxurious! The cards themselves were even thicker than I anticipated and felt a lot sturdier than normal business cards.

I’m not sure if it was because of the matte finish but I did feel the colours weren’t as vivid as I would like. I opted to use JPEG images for my cards when I probably should’ve used a PDF. The graphics are slightly pixelated but I’m unsure if that was a mistake I made or not. I will be ordering another set of cards using a PDF file format, to see if there is a difference in quality.

Overall I’m fairly happy with my cards and the service I received. MOO's customer service team were really helpful and even sent out free samples of the cards so I could see the colour options in real life. The whole process was very quick and not too expensive for the quality of the card itself. However, I did expect better quality printing and more vivid colouring. For now, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and will be ordering more cards soon to see if it was a mistake on my side. 

Have you used MOO before? What did you think of the quality?
Tell me in the comments below

- A x


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