Thursday, 3 September 2015

Disney Pixar's Inside Out Review

Back in January 2014 when I heard Mindy Kaling was going to be voicing a Disney Pixar character, I couldn't contain my excitement! I eagerly waited for Inside Out to hit the cinema and I've seen it multiple times since it came out. So, I thought it was about time a did a review.

Inside Out is based on the main character, 11 year old Riley, who lives with her parents in Minnesota. The film gives an insight into her hidden emotions and the little voices inside her head; Anger, Fear, Disgust (which is Mindy's character), Sadness and of course, Joy. Up until now Joy has done pretty well to make sure that most of Riley's life is joyous with Fear, Anger and Disgust making sure she is kept out of harms way. At the beginning of the film Riley's parents decide they're going to move to San Francisco and that's when the poop hits the fan.
The whole concept for Inside Out is so creative and is delivered really well. The animation itself looked amazing, as per usual for Pixar - it was so crisp, clear and looked stunning in 3D. Whenever you're inside Riley's head, the graphics are glowing and hazy to make you feel like you're really inside of her imagination but when the scene flicks back to reality everything goes back to normal. It was such a clever way of distinguishing between the TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS (haha, see what I did there) and makes you feel like you're physically inside of the movie.
Inside Out is really funny, there was a lot of humorous moments and I really liked Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend; even if you're an adult I think you will find this movie funny and highly entertaining. The story was engaging and I enjoyed seeing how Sadness and Joy worked together. It was interesting to see how they viewed certain situations and even though it was funny, it was actually quite deep. It really made me think how I personally see situations. Sometimes I'm like Sadness and can only see the negative side to things and other times I can be like Joy and be really optimistic. I feel like that's an important message to take away from the movie and provokes us to try and be more like Joy - to see the good side of situations and to be more positive about life.
Overall, it's one of the best Pixar movies I've ever seen and is definitely up there with my favourites. Again, the concept is really clever and is put across in a creative way. There's lots of clever touches to the movie especially in Imagination Land & Dream Productions - the producers thought of every little detail. I obviously loved seeing Mindy as Disgust too.
If you love Disney Pixar definitely go see this movie! You don't have to be a child, in fact a lot of people in the first screening I went to were adults, there was only one child there! I'm holding out for a sequel and you already know I'll be the first one to see it. (PS If you do go see Inside Out keep an eye out for the short film Lava - it's totally adorable).

Have you seen Inside Out? What did you think of it? 

- A x


  1. I'm actually going to see this tomorrow! Sounds good, I'm excited :)

  2. Im not a fan of cartoons, but inside out has such a great concept! I enjoyed the show :) It really makes you think about your thoughts, your memories, your emotions, and how its not as easy as just having 1 emotion.
    Well when we were younger, we did only have 1, but over time we have a mixture of all, and our brain is ruled by one emotion most of the time (the character that makes the decisions in each head haha!)
    You wrote such lovely review of the movie :)

    x Carina
    Running White Horses | A Travel + Fashion blog

    1. Aw I love animations! You're so right about the concept and it definitely made me think which emotion my brain is ruled by.

      - A x

  3. I loved Inside Out! I took some children I was babysitting to see it and I was the most interested in the movie! x


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