Monday, 21 September 2015

Disney Tsum Tsum Haul & Collection

I'm sorry but how stinking cute are the mini Disney Tsum Tsums? They are quite possibly one of the cutest things ever and I can't get enough of them! The first addition to my collection was the adorable Marie (from The Aristocats) who I simply couldn't resist. I knew she had to be my first one and she is easily my fave. A close second is the cutie patootie Daisy Duck with her blush cheeks, pink bow and lilac dress.

I managed to get my hands on a few of the limited edition Inside Out tsum tsums too! I went for Joy, Sadness and Disgust because they're my favourite characters. I went a bit crazy after that and now have a grand total of 16. I got most of mine from Clintons and eBay. 

So far in my collection I have: Lady, Daisy Duck, Marie, White Rabbit, Alice, Cheshire Cat, Sadness, Joy, Disgust, Heffalump, Jessie, Alien, Sebastian, Sully, Dumbo and Scrump. I've been searching high and low for Boo (from Monsters Inc) but I've had no luck! Next on my list is Figaro and Lotso. 

Do you have Tsum Tsum collection? Who is your favourite character?
Tell me in the comments below. 

- A x


  1. Oh my gosh, the Inside Out ones! Adorable.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I love your collection :) I can't resist the mini ones either, i've even booked up for Disneyland Paris this November just to get Duffy and Shellie May :')

    I think your eBay ones might be fake though :( I've never seen any with beads on before, not even when I was in Japan last month.

  3. These are so cute =]

  4. They are SO CUTE. I really want to get a Baymax one...although I haven't bought any yet.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…


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