Monday, 19 October 2015

DW Fitness Winter Wonderbody Challenge

Ever wondered why I don’t post outfit of the day posts? It’s not because I don’t have many clothes because, believe me my wardrobe is bursting. The real reason why I never post any is because well...I’m 4 stone overweight. 4 stone.

There’s been many times when I’ve attempted to lose weight and then gave in after a few weeks but my sister is getting married next year and I really don’t want to be a bridesmaid whilst I am this size. So, something’s got to give. 

I have teamed up with DW Fitness to take part in their 12 Week 'DW Fitness Winter Wonderbody Challenge'. Me and 11 other women will be competing to shed as much weight as we can before Christmas Day. The winner will receive a New Year’s makeover including free make up! If free make up won’t make me lose weight I don’t know what will.

I’m hoping this challenge will give me the motivation I need, and hopefully a bit of friendly competition will encourage me to keep going.

Week 1: Keeping a Food Diary

For the first week of the challenge we had to keep a food diary. The three main issues with mine were:
  • Portion Sizes
  • Skipping breakfast and then overeating late at night
  • Not exercising

I always knew I was overeating (obviously, you don’t get to 4 stone overweight by eating like a rabbit) but seeing my portion sizes written down was pretty embarrassing. There were many other problems with my diet but I’d really like to focus on controlling portion size and calorie intake for the first couple of weeks of the challenge.

Before the challenge, I had gone through phases of attending the gym everyday and then weeks of not doing anything so it’s not that I NEVER exercise it’s just that I need to be more consistent.

My Weight Loss History

I was always the “big” kid at school until the age of 13 when I drastically dropped weight. I received so many compliments about my weight loss and I was so much more confident with my appearance than I am now. The image above is me aged 14 and I am literally double that size now.

At aged 15 I went to live with my Nana and you know what Nana’s are like, always trying to make you eat big portions. It’s not her fault by any means but I found myself eating more and more, getting larger and larger and I’ve kept adding weight since.

I’ve tried many diets in the past including a ketogenic diet which I actually did really well with. I usually last about 3 solid weeks with dieting before I have a cheat meal, which turns into a cheat week and before I know it I’m right back to square one.

I know I have it in me to cut weight once and for all because, I’ve already made a drastic change with what I drink. I used to consume an obscene amount of fizzy drinks, usually diet which contain an awful chemical called aspartame (worse for you than sugar). My friend told me I needed to cut them out and I practically laughed in his face - simply because I couldn’t even picture myself doing it. But I did do it. Not only did I cut out fizzy drinks I cut out every drink apart from water and haven’t drank anything but water for well over a year. So I know I must have willpower somewhere. I just really want to be able to apply that willpower to my diet and exercise.

I really hope at the end of this 12 weeks I can sit here and say “I didn’t think I could do it, but I did do it”.

I will be posting updates on my progress and would love your support!

Have you had a successful weight loss journey?
Tell me in the comments below.

- A x

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  2. I think this is amazing! I can't wait to see how you get on :-) since Martin moved in with me id say my portion sizes have nearly doubled, they're so hard to control! Hopefully with some guidance though you'll learn, (and then teach me!!). Fully rooting for you gorgeous!!



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