Friday, 30 October 2015

Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford

Whenever I'm in Waterstones I’m immediately drawn to the colouring book section. I always loved colouring in as a kid and I’m not going to lie, I am very happy that it’s now become an acceptable hobby for adults, with some towns even hosting grown up colouring clubs like this ONE.

I feel like there’s one person who is responsible for the popularity of grown up colouring books and that’s Johanna Basford, the creator of Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden. Her colouring books are filled with beautiful, hand drawn illustrations with each illustration containing hidden items for people to find.

I was so excited when I heard she was bringing out ‘Lost Ocean’, a new colouring book, and I knew I had to be one of the first to buy it. Lost Ocean takes you on an enchanted underwater adventure, with delicately intricate illustrations of exotic fish, sea life and elegant shells. I’m always blown away by the level of detail Johanna puts into her designs and they’re simply a joy to colour in (in fact they’re almost too beautiful to colour).

Lost Ocean comes with a removable dust jacket with the most elegant illustration, complete with gold foil accents and decorative typography. Johanna has opted for a white dust jacket this time as oppose the cream she used for Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, and underneath the jacket is a turquoise and black tribal-esque pattern. The paper used for the pages is thick and feels like excellent quality. I’ve not put it to the test yet but I’m hoping this means pens won’t bleed through to the other side like they do with a lot of other colouring books.

The illustrations include dynamic,oceanic repeat patterns, mandala style illustrations featuring mermaids and abstracted sea life patterns. I particularly love the images of single creatures and they remind me of art nouvea portraits. The series of images take you on an "inky quest" through the ocean where you will discover shipwrecks, octopuses, coral reefs, shoals and tangles of seaweed. If you love colouring in you will be blown away by this magical little colouring book. I know I can’t wait to dive in…

Do you love colouring in?
If anyone has any recommendations for pens that are blendable but don’t bleed through pages then please tell me in the comments below!

- A x



  1. I have been obsessed with adult colouring books lately, in particular Millie Marotta's Tropical Wonderland book x

  2. Im obsessed with colouring =]

  3. Johanna recommends the Triplus Fineliner pens in her books as long as you have a light hand and don't press down hard, the colours won't bleed through. I have all three of her books and use these pens all the time, never have bleed through at all.

  4. I have the Secret Garden colouring book and just love pottering away with it in front of the tv, or just to chill after a busy day. I have always loved colouring and there is something so relaxing and fun doing it as an adult. I've just seen a Harry Potter colouring book in the shops that I'm sure to be buying soon! Li x


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