Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Childhood Dream

What was your childhood dream? As a child I always wanted to be an artist of some form and loved being creative as much as possible. Some of my best memories involve art like when my Mam would take us to the local folklore festival every summer and we would draw the dancers, or the times she took me to the art club at my school - it was the only time I got to spend just the two of us and I loved learning how to draw.
"Bilingam Internatinol Folklore Festivle 2002 by Anjalee aged 9" (although I wasn't 9 in 2002 so I have no idea why I wrote that haha. I was only 8

My love of art only grew stronger as I grew older and art was easily my favourite subject at school. I particularly loved painting and even won an award for 'Best Sketchbook By A Young Artist' out of everyone in my entire school (there was about 2000 of us). I started to take art very seriously and started thinking about different careers I could go into that would allow me to be creative. 

I toyed with the idea of being a fashion designer, advertiser, graphic designer and even thought about writing - not art I know, but I also started to find I loved being creative in even more ways than just painting.
Some paintings I did at school when I was 14

I decided to pursue graphic design at art college and completely loved it. Seeing how I could use art in real life circumstances only made me appreciate it more. I started to see creativity as a true skill and not just a hobby like many people made me believe it was.

I went to university aged 18, to study graphic design but something was different. I felt like it was becoming very repetitive and I started to dislike how subjective art was. It was as if my tutors had a certain style they liked and if I didn't produce work to that style, they didn't grade me very well.

Around this time I also started up my blog, Two Different Worlds, as a little hobby. I named it Two Different Worlds because I'm forever day dreaming and have such a vivid imagination but at that point I felt like there was such a difference between my imagination and my reality - they really were two different worlds.

I started to become quite unhappy at uni and I knew that something had to give. I looked at other courses I could take, all the while knowing I just wanted to be free to use my imagination. I found a course in Portsmouth for Digital Marketing and I knew it was the one for me. It involved my old skills of graphic design and photography but mixed it with more academic subjects which I thought was awesome! It also linked well with my new found passion...blogging.

Since moving to Portsmouth I've really fallen in love with blogging. It's stopped being a hobby and has grown into something I'm actually quite proud of. I've started to see it as a space I can be truly creative and a place where I don't have to conform to other people's style. It's given me the chance to be more than just the artist I dreamed of being, I get to be a photographer, a writer, a graphic designer, an advertiser and so much more. I love having complete creative freedom and planning imaginative photo shoots for my posts.
Blogging has pretty much become a part time job for me and for many people it's a very lucrative career. I often wonder if there are children who dream of being a blogger when they're older and I'm curious to see how the blogging industry develops. Although there's still a lot of stigma surrounding blogging, it's definitely a very viable and interesting career path. The guys over at Workwear Express* definitely seem to think so and were kind enough to create me my own blogger uniform!

As part of the #WEChildhoodDream campaign, they sent me an awesome candy floss pink hoodie with "I wanted to be An Artist' written on the front and "But Blogging Will Do" on the back.  I love having something to wear when I blog and the quote on it is actually quite special to me. It reminds me that everyday I am striving towards my childhood dream and that I get to be an artist in more ways than I even imagined. (They also gave me a little blogging kit, including an adorable Henrietta the Hoover desk hoover and a travel mug! I know they'll definitely come in handy).

I am so excited to see where else my creativity can take me and I hope you guys all join me for the ride.

What did you want to be when you were younger? Are you living your childhood dream?
Tell me in the comments below

- A x


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  1. Love this post! I'm considering dropping out of uni (I'm not doing an art subject) as I'm not enjoying it. I would love to have more time to build up my blog :)


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