Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Cheerz Christmas Polaroid Box

As a budding photographer I love to take photos and miss the days when people valued physical copies. I was ecstatic when I discovered Cheerz, who specialise in printing high quality polaroids and photo strips.

You can choose from a range of products to suit your needs, and this time I opted for their limited edition Christmas box. For just £12.95 you can print 30 photos and the process is really simple! Simply make a free account and upload photos from your computer or you can import them straight from Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Flickr or Dropbox which really makes life easier.

At the click of a mouse all of your pretty photos are ready to edit. You can choose your background colour: White, Black, Colour Block (your choice of colour) or Vintage which is a mix of mustard, green, brown and red. You can also add your own cute captions. It’d be cute to give someone a box of all your happy memories together from that year or you could even use it document a baby’s first year, adding captions like “first steps” etc! I chose to print a mixture of pretty photos to create a Pinterest-esque polaroid wall and sentimental shots of loved ones and happy memories.

The polaroids come packaged in a colourful little box complete with a white ribbon, taking away all the stress of Christmas wrapping - phew. I was really impressed with the quality of the images and how quickly they arrived. The Christmas Cheerz Box* would make the perfect, heartfelt and affordable gift. Cheerz have lots of other awesome products to choose from including Christmas magnets, a Christmas photo album and the ‘Big Fat Box’ where you can print up to 200 photo for just £21.95! Total bargain!

If you’d like to give Cheerz a go head over to and use the code ANJMZ8 for £4 off your first order!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal

- A x


  1. This sounds amazing and would make such a lovely and thoughtful Christmas gift. I'm definitely going to look into this for Christmas presents for my friends this year :) x

  2. I love cute polaroid pictures like this i actually have a fujifilm instax mini but the film is so super expensive this seems like a good alternative!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. I only heard about Cheerz recently but they sound amazing! I went to Florida last June where I got engaged, so I'm going to get some of the pictures from that printed for my fiance for Christmas! I miss the days of the physical photo too, they're so much nicer to look at than on a screen!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer


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