Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My Dream Workspace

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Avocado & Toast HERE  Lilac Cinderella Castle HERE Space Girl HERE Sailor Crybaby HERE Cloud HERE    
Oh how I dream of spending each day sat in a pretty office painting, drawing, crafting, taking photos, writing blog posts and generally just being creative. I often dream of being fully self employed and love imagining what my dream workspace would look like. I decided to put (digital) pen to paper and draw up some illustrations to show you. (For those who were asking I use Adobe Illustrator to do my illustrations!).

So, first things first, I’d of course have a pristine white desk with a fluffy, white swivel chair à la Pinterest. Pops of colour would be introduced via a turquoise desk lamp and vintage alarm clock. The drawers would be filled with craft supplies and an abundance of adult colouring books.

Glittering the wall above would be an array of colourful illustrations from some of my favourite artists, nestled amongst hand sewn patches, a couple of ornaments and maybe even a street sign. There’s a Unicorn Road just round the corner from me and I’d love to have that sign hanging above my desk.
My dream workspace would be kitted out with technology and office supplies. First up would be the Dell XPS 15 Laptop*. This bad boy has a touch screen which I can imagine would be helpful for doing digital drawings. I’ve always used my laptop touch pad to draw digitally, but a touch screen laptop and a drawing tablet of some sort would be fun to try out! I’d have the laptop set up with the full Adobe Creative Cloud which I cannot live without!

You know I love my photography and I’d love to have a little collection of cameras. The adorable Diana + Dreamer, mint lomography camera would of course be on my desk, along with a pink Instax Mini and my trusty Nikon D5200. From patterned binders, to pretty notebooks and even washi tape dispensers, my ideal desk would be full to the brim with cute stationery too.

Across from the desk I’d have a little “chill out” area with a pink marshmallow looking sofa, a white fluffy rug and a gleaming white coffee table (you know, to match the desk). Although all of the walls would be white brick, I’d have adorable, lilac wooden flooring throughout. I’d want some sort of garland, bunting or even the ‘Happy Ever After’ sign I got HERE hanging above, with Melanie Martinez illustrations either side.

To the left of the sofa would be a HUGE bookcase, bursting with some of my favourite reads. Everything from Bee and Puppycat comics, to aesthetic inspiration like Oh Joy! by Joy Cho and of course Mindy Kaling’s books would be gracing the shelves. Personality would be injected with my Momiji/Pop figurines, pastel potted plants and maybe even a candle or two.

On the other side of the sofa, I’d have a more decorative bookcase. Atop would be this adorrrrrrable, vintage pink phone that I’ve wanted for ages and probably one of THESE lanterns that every blogger seems to have.

In the first section I’d have all of my tsum tsums, to the right a lilac Roberts radio and underneath another pretty, pastel illustration. On the bottom right I’d show off books with the prettiest spines such as THIS collection from Rifle Paper Co and my white ‘A’ initial from THIS haul (a. because my name begins with A and b. because I love the PLL reference).
The pièce de résistance of my dream workspace would be an archway that leads to a room filled with well....nothing. It’d have a domed ceiling with a huge skyline window. All the walls and floor would be white and in the middle would be a huge table for me to take the ideal flat lay photos - because, who needs expensive photography equipment when you’ve got perfect lighting and plenty of reflective, white surfaces right?

So there is my dream workspace! I’d love to know more about yours.

What would be in your dream workspace?
Tell me in the comments below
- A x

(You can see my Pinterest board for this space HERE and feel free to share yours in the comments too!).

*This is a collaboration with Dell, but all thoughts and drawings are my own.



  1. This post just made my day - it was so wonderful and unique. My dream workspace would have to be all white with light wood furnishings and a white leather spinny chair (because who, at any age, doesn't love a spinny chair). Probably add pops of colour in their too with art work and inspirational quotes on the walls to keep me motivated. I also love all of your illustrations - they're lovely!


    1. Aw this is such a lovely comment! I'm glad I could bring some sunshine to your day. I totally agree that a spinny chair is 100% necessary no matter what age you are haha.

      - A x

  2. This post is so unique! I love it, it's got me really inspired!



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