Friday, 13 May 2016

Message Dolls with Momiji

I’m a sucker for collecting figurines, let alone when they’re as cute as Momiji’s*. Momiji’s are a series of adorable, handcrafted message dolls and let me tell you, they’re extremely addictive.

Each doll has it’s own little personality, a unique design and a list of things they like. This aspect really sets Momiji’s apart from other figurine series and helps to bring the characters to life. Take Blossom for instance (my first and possibly favourite Momiji). This adorable little doll is inspired by festival season with her cute flower crown and heart-shaped hand gesture all adding to her hippie personality. According to her box she likes “fairy bread and The Kinks”.
The dolls are packaged in two types of packaging: either a “noodle box” (like Blossom's) or in a “rainbow tube" (like Explore's). Both of which are always beautifully designed to suit each doll and capture their personality.

At the base of each Momiji there is a little slot where you can add a secret message, which is lovely if you’re looking to gift the doll. This aspect is a bit wasted on someone like me, who is just looking to collect them, but it’s a nice idea nonetheless.  
As well as the original Momiji creator, Helena Stamulak, there are strong team of designers bringing the dolls to life, each adding their own unique touch. My current favourite designer is Luli Bunny who is responsible for the too-darn-stinking-cute Birthday Girl and Happy Bean figures. You can actually submit your own doll designs to Momiji, and I'm currently working on a couple of ideas myself.

Momiji releases a core collection of dolls (theoretically) available at all times, as well as limited editions such as Blossom. Their full archive is available on their website HERE.  
As I said, Momiji’s are highly addictive and I already have six adorable figures in my collection: Blossom, Party Girl, Enid, Explore, Clever Clogs and Thank You (who I always refer to as Sunshine Girl). I’ve still got a wishlist as long as my arm and can’t wait to collect more. Momiji’s are such a unique, imaginative series of figurines and perfect for anyone who loves to collect kawaii items.

Do you own Momijis? Who is your favourite doll?

Tell me in the comments below. 

- A x



  1. Oh my these are SO cute! I need to start collecting these ASAP.

    Ella xx

  2. Seriously! These are so freaking adorable...I absolutely love the way that the hands are shaped like a heart, I thought these dolls were the kind to just have their arms by their side or something but still look cute. They're just so detailed and love and oh my goodness I want them right now!


    1. Right!? As soon as I saw Blossom's love heart hands I absolutely fell in love. She's so adorable and I love the attention to detail. The designers really put a lot of thought into the personality of the doll. Let me know if you start collecting them! I'd love to see which dolls you go for

      - A x

  3. omg! im like a little girl right now! they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  4. Omg you have made my eyes well up with prettiness xx

    Stacey -

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