Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Building a Bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop

Ever since I was a kid I wanted my own build-a-bear and at the grand age of 22 I finally got my wish. As a birthday treat my friend Amy and I headed to the Build-a-Bear Workshop in Southampton and I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally make my own bear.
Of course the first step was picking which bear I wanted. There was plenty of cute teddies and animals to choose from including Disney princess themed bears, fluffy bunnies and even some My Little Pony characters. I fell in love with the most adorable, glittery lilac bear with mint green eyes and cat eyeliner - she was literally made for me.

After I chose my bear I had the option add a sound, which I decided against, and then it was time to stuff it. This step is super exciting if you’re a child (or a child at heart) because you get to press the pedal for the machine yourself.
Once my little lilac bear was stuffed I got to give her a heart whilst making a wish. I also chose to add a bubblegum “scentiment” so now my bear smells as sweet as she looks. I got her a pair of metallic, silver shoes and she was complete!
Say hello to my Luna bear - proof that you’re never too old to have your childhood dream come true.

Have you built your own bear? What would you name yours?

Tell me in the comments below

A x


  1. I remember in my first year of uni me and my flatmates in Hallf bought Build a Bears for each other at Christmas and had to dress them as the person we were buying for. So much fun :)


    1. That sounds amazing! I'd love to do something like that. How lucky you were to have such awesome housemates haha.

      - A x

  2. I've not built one since I was little but sometimes I go in just to see the cute new bears... If my bed wasn't full of Disney things I'd probably build loads of these!!!

    Lauren x |

  3. Oh my god!!! Really?!!! Howcome i didn't know about this before! This is such an extraordinary thing. I am definitely getting one for Alice. A talking bear and that too so adorable awww can't wait to get my little girl


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