Friday, 11 August 2017

Southsea Beach Buggin' Festival 2017

Once a year Southsea Common is flooded in a sea of colour, for the annual Beach Buggin’ Festival. A rainbow of camper vans and Beetles, adorn the grass for what is a celebration of creativity, seaside lifestyle and all things VW.

With the sun beating down on us, it was the perfect day for this momentous exhibition and I, for one, had a thrilling time browsing the cars and stalls. It was so interesting to see how different people had expressed their personality through their four-wheeled canvases. Whilst some had decorated theirs with pastel hues, bunting and floral accents, others had made bold statements with tongue-in-cheek stickers and vivid paintwork. Many showed pride in the pristine upkeep of their vintage models, whilst others had perfected a rustic, grungy theme with theirs.

I marvelled at the imaginativeness and attention to detail in some of the creations - the Buzz and Woody figurines on the back of a patchwork camper van, particularly put a smile on my face. As did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the bonnet of a Beetle.
The food & refreshment stalls were not only a treat to the tastebuds, but also a feast for the eyes. There was a camper van burger van, a cow print waffle stall that had some of the most delicious sounding concoctions and - as we were by the sea - a retro fish & chips stand. Love Tea’s mint & floral caravan was an adorable pitstop for festival-goers and even accommodated canine attendees, with a little Dog Stop.

There was an abundance of souvenirs to treat yourself to with vintage clothing stalls, home decor nooks, a patch/sticker hub and plenty of art stalls. Although this was a free festival, I must have shed about £44 and that’s thanks in part to Funky Beach Art. Simon Evans’ pastel-bright colour palette and beach themed pieces spoke to my soul and I ended up walking away with about 4 pieces of his artwork. I could have happily purchased more, and was tempted by a mug but thought I’d better draw the line somewhere!
All in all I had a fantastic time at the Southsea Beach Buggin' Festival. It painted Southsea in it’s best light, paying homage to everything I love about this seaside town: the quirkiness, the creativity and the community spirit.

How would you decorate a camper van? 

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  1. thank you anjalee, for updating with this amazing colourful festival. this really feasts my eyes. keep posting more like this. i will be looking forward to it.


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