Thursday, 21 September 2017

Back to Uni Lookbook

As Summer fades to Autumn, the back to uni preparations begin. Picking out a new wardrobe always gets me excited for the upcoming semester and this year I headed straight to Ocean Retail Park* for some inspiration.

My love for pastel aesthetic and kawaii culture runs deep to my core, but when it comes to fashion I have a much more bohemian taste; think bell-sleeved tops, plenty of florals, earthy tones and floaty fabrics. I tend to keep accessories to a minimum, opting instead for statement shoes and bold prints for effortless style.

TK Maxx currently have the most divine selection of prints and fabrics this season and, as always, plenty of options for plus women. I’ve been absolutely adoring their Rose & Olive collection, their tunics and blouses becoming staples in my current wardrobe.
This romantic floral number is the perfect transitional piece. It’s delicate fabric and bishop sleeves lend themselves to the remnants of Summer weather, yet the subtle Autumnal colours punctuate the start of a new season.

I love pairing it with these burgundy, buckled platforms which were an absolute steal at £14.99. I’d been coveting my friends Dr Martens of a similar style for ages and was so delighted to find this pair at TK Maxx for just a fraction of the price. They accent this outfit perfectly, bringing added personality and style.
Off shoulder and bardot tops have been my go-to recently, my favourite being this flirty, silk blouse from Bellambia. Admittedly the tied sleeves do get a little annoying sometimes but it’s a small price to pay for how fabulous it makes me feel. As usual, I have been obsessing over Alice in Wonderland, finding every excuse possible to wear my White Rabbit-esque stop watch. I constantly set it to 6 o’clock - the time it always is at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
When I’m not drooling over exquisite tunics at TK Maxx, I’m thrifting until my heart’s content. Charity shops are a student’s dream with places like Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation and Salvation Army offering gorgeous pieces for as little as £1.
This mustard yellow dress has become my second skin and at just £3 it was such a bargain. Considering how much I adore it, I probably would’ve been happy to pay seven times the amount. I pretty much live in these tasseled brogues, which my 4 year old nephew kindly refers to as my “car wash shoes”. The mind of a child! The Mantaray bag was thrifted at British Heart Foundation for just £3.40.

With my wardrobe in check, I feel ready to tackle my final year at uni. Whilst it’s going to be a tough year, with a heavy workload I’m hopeful for what’s to come. Wish me luck!

What are your go-to outfits right now?
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  1. Anjalee!!! You look INCREDIBLE!!! I am so so jealous of that yellow dress too! <3

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