Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Birthday Trip to Brighton | Photo Diary

Ever since I moved to the South I’ve wanted to visit Brighton and I finally got the chance this week, in celebration of my 24th birthday. I honestly could’ve spent a whole week there, with all the things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see but with weather, time and money constraints we decided to keep our visit short and sweet.

We kicked off with a trip to SeaLife Brighton, a colourful aquarium overlooking the iconic Brighton Pier. We’d already booked in advance (it's cheaper) and collecting our tickets was a quick and easy process. We went for the ‘Best Value Package’ which included fast track but that didn’t seem to make much difference as the aquarium was already pretty quiet. Parking was quite tricky, so do bare that in mind if you’re planning a visit.
Before entering the main displays, we got our photo taken against a green screen backdrop which, for two introverts, was a very awkward experience haha. Nonetheless it was nice to have a cute (if cheesy) keepsake of the day.

As soon as the doors opened to the aquarium, I was in awe. The tanks are displayed throughout a Victorian Arcade, the alcoves gloriously lit up with rainbow lighting.
In the middle there is an open-topped tank displaying mesmerising stingrays. We watched for a solid five minutes, as they opened and closed their eyes and bobbed their heads out of the water. The tranquil music in the background set a calming yet surreal atmosphere.
Towards the back of the main auditorium were some turtles! I literally squealed when I first noticed and we even got to see one be fed. There was also a VR machine playing a video but when you looked into it, you could see your own, distorted eyes which was both creepy and fascinating.
Leading off the main auditorium are some tunnelled tanks with some of the biggest and most majestic creatures, from giant turtles to sharks. The overhead tunnel in particular was a beholding sight - simply stunning.
After our aquarium visit and a mad dash through the torrential rain to our car, we went to Dave’s Comics. As soon as I heard about this graphic novel emporium I knew I had to visit and boy did it completely exceed all of my expectations. It’s a book nerd’s utopia with colourful posters and memorabilia across every surface and a sublime selection of novels available. I honestly could’ve bought the whole store and was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t afford to haha.
Under the stairs were some fab double-issues with holographic covers that changed depending on the angle you were looking i.e a Hulk cover changed to Black Panther from certain angles. The photo doesn’t do it justice, so if you’re ever in the area go take a look!
My favourite section was upstairs where there was a cool af sofa overlooking current issues of comics (many of which I’d never heard of and was keen to try). There was also some collector’s editions including a Ms Marvel omnibus which, even with a hefty £68 price tag, I was tempted by and a giant (I’m talking A1) Amazing Spiderman collection. I ended up splurging on a few things with my birthday money, which I’ll haul later in the week, but I was proud of how restrained I was haha.
One thing I loved about Brighton was how much street art there is; beautiful illustrations tucked in every nook and cranny of the high street. I wish I could’ve spent a whole day photographing it. I had a little starstruck moment when I spotted JuJu. This vintage clothing shop was the first to feature on Mary Queen of Shops, which I watched when I was about 13 years old and it was quite surreal to be stood in front of it. Not a big deal, I know, but it made me think about how much my life has changed since then.
All the excitement of the day resulted in two very hungry tummies so we finished off with a meal at Day’s Restaurant - an East Asian buffet in the heart of the high street. The place was HUGE, with delightful decor and a wide selection of food. It was both a feast for the eyes and the stomach.
There was lots of sections including live cooking stands and TWO chocolate fountains. We had clearly bitten of more than we could chew (literally) as we ended up waddling out, so full we could barely breathe. We were thinking of going to Globall’s Crazy Golf but honestly we were so stuffed, we decided to leave it for another day.

The fun didn’t stop there as we got lost FIVE TIMES on the way home but even that couldn’t dampen my mood. I honestly had such a lovely day and would gladly visit Brighton again in a heartbeat. Hopefully with more money in my pockets and sunnier weather though haha.
Have you visited Brighton? What other UK cities should I visit?
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  1. Thanks for stopping by, glad you had a good time! :) beautiful photos! -Alice

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