Friday, 2 March 2018

This Tiny Perfect World Interview with Lauren Gibaldi

Hello! Hope you all had a fab World Book Day. Here in the UK we're experiencing the dreaded Beast From the East but the snow wasn't enough to dampen my spirits, as I got to interview the lovely Lauren Gibaldi! Lauren regularly graces my feed with hilarious bookish humour and her latest novel This Tiny Perfect World is an absolute must-read.

I had the pleasure of chatting to Lauren about her inspirations behind This Tiny Perfect World and the importance of believing in yourself. Let’s dive in!

This Tiny Perfect World deals with self-doubt in a competitive industry. How much of your own experience did you draw on for this? And what tips do you have for overcoming self-doubt?
I’ve always had self-doubt. It was something I didn’t like when I was younger (obviously), but something I’ve learned to use as a challenge. It’s hard to change your mindset but once it becomes a challenge, I have to do it. Much like Penny, I was in theatre in high school. I wasn’t very good, so I doubted a lot. When it comes to writing, I’m always doubting. Am I good enough? Are my books enjoyed? Doubt is regular, doubt happens to everyone. You just have to convince yourself to get past the doubt.  Don’t think you can do it? DO IT. FINISH IT. Believe in yourself.
You clearly have a cracking sense of humour which always comes through in your social media posts. How much humour can we expect in This Tiny Perfect World?
HA! Thank you! Um, the book has its moments but I wouldn’t call it humorous.
Penny is a small town girl who is quickly thrust into a big city lifestyle. Was it important for you to address the issues of social class?
Yes, definitely. I’m not saying all small-town people are considered poor, or all big city people are rich. That’s obviously not true. But Penny is from a lifestyle where excess isn’t something she’s used to and she’s perfectly okay with that. So I wanted to show the stark difference between her life in Christmas and, say, Chase’s fancy large house. To show how there are different worlds. But also how it’s okay and even possible to be a part of both of them.

If there’s one thing your readers take away from This Tiny Perfect World, what do you hope it’ll be?
To reach for what you want, even if it may be hard or scary. To love your tiny world, but know it’s okay to want more.

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  1. This picture is 😍😍😍. I like what Lauren said about doubting yourself-- I know I'm my own biggest critic, so sometimes I need to have someone else remind me to believe in myself. Thanks so much for being on the tour, and seriously, that picture is beautiful!


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